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  • 17 Jan 2019

Higher Definition: With our Vivid printing Tech, all logos in our signs are printed very clear and displayed with more details. 

More delicate colors: Our neon sign with Vivid Printing Tech will accurately display the original color of your logos, making a tiny difference visible. 

Brighter view: The printing board with our Vivid printing Tech reflects at least 30% more light than regular printing, which makes our sign brighter and further to be seen in the dark.

Environmentally friendly: Other neon sign with regular printing uses chemistry that forms poisonous layers which were exposed to air and then released to the air. While for our signs with our unique vivid printing technology, the printing chemistry is solidated and sealed which will not be released at all, thus creating a safer environment in the room. Most people don't know it or don't care about it, but it matters. 

Original colors LAST for MUCH Longer: Have you noticed that the color of printing logo in your sign is fading? As time goes by, regular printings are oxidized which causes the colors to fade within 4 to 10 months. Most neon signs with a printing board in the current market are made with a rather regular printing on a board, a large part of these signs' logos was even simply printed on a rather outdated self-stick label, whose color will gradually fade within 4 to 10 months. While our neon sign with unique HD vivid printing will keep the original color for at least 3 to 5 years. 

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