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Busch Light John Deere Quality Farm Equipment Flex LED Neon Sign Light Lamp

Size of Metal Frame

Flex LED Strips Light Neon Sign Space Décor!
Custom Signs Available, feel free to contact us!
The Neon light strips can be made in other colors.


Dimensions: 30"x19" (We can customize sizes/dimensions)

Neon Strip Color: (We can customize colors)

Voltage: DC, Input 110-240v, Output 3kv-10kv

Material: Flexible LED Neon Strip, Acrylic Plate. NOT neon sign.

Installation methods: Hang on Wall by screws (Chain Optional)


Package Includes:

1 x Led Neon sign

1 x Several screws

1 x Power Adapter


A Flexible Neon Sign Lights show across your wall, windows or door. The sign is bright, colorful handcrafted. Improve the atmosphere of the space and make the space more emotional. Easy to Install, low voltage, no noise, no heat. 


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